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DG250 in Jaguar clarified

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  • Transmission / Overdrive: DG250 in Jaguar clarified

    The 1960 Jaguar was driven about 2 miles with about 1-2 qts of fluid in the transmission with popping and jerking. Prior to this the transmission was working fine. This is a "start in 2nd gear" transmission as verified with other owners.
    After this incident, the transmission was filled as required, checked and rechecked. Now the transmission starts in 2nd as always, no extra noise anywhere or any speed. Before the "low fuid" run, it would shift to drive about 30 MPH. Now is runs up to about 40-45 mph before shifting up to D. How do I correct this shift up to D down to about 30mph.

    Also I would like to source the valve body for a "start in 1st gear" changeover. I think it would much more enjoyable to drive.

    Hopefully I have clarified my questions and the problem. My apologies about the previous message.
    Thank You