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Found a great Stainless repair guy

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  • Body / Glass: Found a great Stainless repair guy

    Hey there:
    I was working on a Woody project of mine and I came across a lead for a very reasonably priced stainless steel parts repair man. He lives in Cleveland Georgia. I sent some fairly banged up running board molding to him and it came back like factory new! It only cost me $147.00 which included the shipping.
    Here is his name:
    Karl Bartholomew
    155 Leona Ln
    Cleveland, GA 30528
    Karl is 85 years old and works out of his garage. Last of the good ole repair guys!

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    Most of the guys on the forum that have stainless done probably send it to mbstude since he is a regular on the forum and well known. Matthew is one of good young repair guys. Matthew is from Georgia too.
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      FINALLY. I've got a few thousand dollars' worth of stainless work I need done and had no idea who does it. I'll contact him right away.
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        Can Karl weld up broken stainless, too?
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          oh dear!!!

          Originally posted by Barn Find View Post
          I came across a lead for a very reasonably priced stainless steel parts repair man...
          Don't feel too bad-- you would have gotten the same sort of replies if you'd mentioned that you had found a good shipping company other then Peg's. It would seem that there might be more then one sheriff in town these days...
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            Matt, the guy is 85, maybe you wont have competition for too Just kidding, that was not nice was it?


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              I was not trying to get anybody stirred up. I thought maybe since Barn Find had only a few posts he may not have been aware of the other sources. Karl may be a wonderful craftsman.
              "In the heart of Arkansas."
              Searcy, Arkansas
              1952 Commander 2 door. Really fine 259.
              1952 2R pickup


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                Terry has recommended Karl's work. Good enough for me. At eighty-five, if he's still got the bug and the energy, I would use him.
                No threat to Matthew's future.

                Matthew, hope you appreciate my perspective.
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                  No offense taken from anyone on my end. I think it's cool that there's more people out there redoing stainless. There's enough business out there for more than one person, trust me.


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                    I had a conversation with Karl about that because I told him that I was sending him 2 extra pieces of running board molding in case he needed to use one for cutting and welding in. He said that he would do that if had to but as it turned out he didn't have to use an extra patch piece. I was amazed at what he was able to do what he had to work with.
                    I guess my answer is Yes, if he has to.


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                      I'm not trying to take away work from anyone and yes, I did not know of mbstude. I have some stainless for the Stude to send out so maybe I'll just keep it in the family of Studies so everyone gets a piece of the pie. My other car is a Woody Wagon and I was just following leads from one of the National Woodie Club members.