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  • Transmission / Overdrive: DG250 in Jaguar

    I have a 60 Jaguar xk150 with the DG 250 Transmission. The unit was recently rebuilt using 2 250 boxes. It was a nice unit. Due to an emergency the car was driven a couple of miles with only about 2 qts of fluid in the transmission. Jerking and popping in the trans case area was loud, but at least the car didn't burn. This is a start in 2nd gear transmission. When starting from stop it starts fine in 2nd, then car runs up to about 40 with soft throttle before a smooth shift to D or high gear. When coasting down, it freewheels down to stop all in freewheel mode. If this could be fixed, then I would at least like to try the conversion to 1st gear stop if I can find the parts or the valve body to try this. I havent driven a studebaker since I last drove a 40 stude pickup for a feed store where I worked as a kid. I hope someone will forgive my not having a studebaker long enough to help me with the problems, hopefully without another rebuild. My premature thanks.

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    That is odd, because the Studebaker DG-250's start in Low gear.
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      Would like to help but I'm a little lost. What's the problem or question? It was driven with low oil and popping/jerking. Then you said it drives okay. You also mention or ask about changing the valve body to get a first gear start, which you can do if you source a valve body to do that.

      Help us out here, what is the tranny doing wrong now, at this point in time, after your filled it back up with ATF. Is it still popping and jerking, shifting points wrong, etc.?
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        Perhaps the 250 version in Jaguars WAS modified to start in 2nd like the Studebaker version 150 and 200, and unlike the 250 Studebaker which was a first gear start. That should be clarified first by Terrell. If Jaguars WERE first gear start, then it sounds like there were (some) 150 or 200 parts in one of those '250' boxes

        Second, his problem is that it 'freewheels' when coasting down towards a stop, instead of having engine braking. Not sure about much about the DG transmission, but isn't this, or something like this, a sometimes problem with the DG, where it can go all 'neutrally' when not under load?


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          Originally posted by StudeRich View Post
          That is odd, because the Studebaker DG-250's start in Low gear.
          Studebaker DG-250Ms start in first gear. I have worked on these transmissions in Jaguars and do not remember if any were DG250s with second gear start or they were DG250Ms with first gear start.

          To me, it sounds like one or both of two problems. It still has the incorrect amount of fluid (most do not check it properly). There is a problem with the lock-up torque convertor.
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            My '55 Commander with a DG250M starts off in second gear unless I pull it down into low. The tranny works perfectly other than that. Until two weeks ago, when I started driving Frosty, I would have bet money that all DG250M's had the first gear start feature. I double checked the tag on the side of the tranny yesterday and it for sure says DG250M.
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              The car was driven with low fluid due to an emergency. During that drive it was popping. After filling with fluid, it runs quiet, but runs up to about 40-45 under light acceleration before shifting up to D or drive.