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Water in Trunk area 1964 Cruiser

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  • Body / Glass: Water in Trunk area 1964 Cruiser

    I have a 1964 Cruiser that has water getting into the trunk area. I know that's not news, but I'm interested in how it get's into that area.

    I've read several posts on the forum about the trim around the rear window on 64's, and how water seeps into the trunk through several holes in the window channel where the clips that hold the trim on are attached to the body. I'm planning on checking that area under the window trim, and sealing the area as suggested by several members here.

    My question is, Are there any other areas where water could work it's way into the trunk space besides the rear window area? I've heard about the area around the tailights, the seam where the rear fenders meet the inner body panels, the trunk lid rubber seal, but don't know if these areas are actually common problem areas on most 64 / 66 cars, and would like details and or confirmation. I've checked the rubber on the trunk lid and it appears to be in great condition and no sign of water entering there. While I'm working on the window area, I want to be sure I look at any other spots that could be the problem.

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    Well, the problem was common enough on the 64s that Studebaker issued a multi-page Service Letter dealing with water leaks into the trunk. The rear window was the principal problem area. The solution was to pack the area under the rear window moulding with strip caulk. You might want to address that area first and see if the problem goes away.
    Skip Lackie


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      Hi Andy, well here is one way to do the process.get yourself a partner(one you can trust your life with <G>) and climb in the trunk and close the lid.have the helper carefully hose the rear area down in a "rain like fasion" start low and work your way up to the rear window area,I would actually start at the seam between rear fenders and rear panal,then tail lights and so on.when you first see signs of water give a yell,oh and do'nt forget the flash light ! this always worked for me in the bodyshop days.
      Joseph R. Zeiger


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        To add to 63t-cab, when you start with the hose, start at the bottom and work up, have your "buddy" in the trunk with a flash light and he(or she) will be able to find the leaks.

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          Jim,do'nt you trust your friends ? (just kidding <G>) hey someone has to get in that ole trunk,suppose you could flip a where did I put that two tailed nickel ?
          Originally posted by 52 Ragtop View Post
          To add to 63t-cab, when you start with the hose, start at the bottom and work up, have your "buddy" in the trunk with a flash light and he(or she) will be able to find the leaks.

          Joseph R. Zeiger


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            I let my grandson in the trunk of my '66 found the leak was from the back up lights not sealing correctly. Fixed it right away but back up lights on '64 not the same as '66.

            Would have gone in the trunk myself but did not trust any family members to let me out again.
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