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Will the universal fan schrouds work?

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  • Cool/Heat: Will the universal fan schrouds work?

    First off I want to say thanks to everyone on these forums. I've been working on Studes for about 50 years now and I learn something new on here every day.
    Now.. My fan schroud on my 63 Avanti is all broken up. I see some universal schrouds on the internet and I was wondering if they will work. Thanks again

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    I doubt if a universal shroud would work well due to the canted radiator on an Avanti. It could interfere with the crank pulley plus it may not completely enclose the radiator itself, allowing some incoming air to go around rather than through the cooling fins.

    If you want to keep it correct in appearance I would contact vendors such as Jon Myer or Dan Booth at Nostalgic...they likely have good used shrouds in stock. There's two types...the first model that fully enclosed the fan, and the "horse collar" type that's open on the bottom. I've seen discussions here which is better. The one thing that's definitely better about the horse collar type is that it's easier to install and remove.

    If you're not concerned about originality, consider an electric fan that has a shroud that encloses the entire radiator core. I did that on my '70 Avanti and it looks good and really makes the engine maintain has yet to go over 200 degrees and usually stays about 180-185 at most. I had mine professionally installed and it looks like a factory installation. Just a suggestion.
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