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63 LARK headlight switch / heater / wiper switch questions.....

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  • Electrical: 63 LARK headlight switch / heater / wiper switch questions.....

    First off a little background. I copied and blew up a "63 Studebaker" wiring diagram but the colors listed on the print do not exactly match what I see on the switches. I have both 63 white rocker switches and black 66 rocker switches. I am using the black 66 ones. All the wiring colors on the switches match between the 63 and 66 ones. They all have stubs of wire still attached to them from when they were cut out of the original wiring harnesses. The diagram seems to be off,but oh well.
    My questions are:
    Does the headlight rocker switch carry the entire load of the headlights? If it does I think I am going to install relays to carry the load instead of running it all thru the switch.

    Is the heater motor a 2 speed affair or just 1 speed? If it is 2,HOW did Studebaker get both speeds? I do not find a resistor in line anywhere.

    Same with the wipers. 2 or 1 speed and how?


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    On My '63 Lark the wiper switch and heater switch is a three position switch - off, low, high.

    There two wires to the heater motor, 1 low 1 high speed.
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      The light switch indeed carries the whole load of the headlights.
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        Thanks Frank. And a big THANK YOU to Washington forum member (S) for posting a color 63-64 wiring diagram in a prior post about a 63 ignition switch. It was soooooo much easier to read and the tab lettering on the back of the switches on the print matched the switches I have. I think I have now turned a corner on making my aftermarket wiring harness coexist with the stock Studebaker switches. Studebaker powered a lot of things off that ignition switch!