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  • Engine: Avanti oil fill amount

    Call me lucky, but I the oil pan on my 64 Avanti was used as a jacking point so it is somewhat concave. I am trying to figure out how much oil to use for an oil and filter change. In the past I have used a total of five quarts, but the dip stick shows over full.

    Question: if the oil pan was not damaged, would a total of 5 quarts for an oil and filter change be the correct quantity?


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    When oil and filter are changed it takes 6 quarts.
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      Bob, with a filter change, I would put in 5 qts. and then run the engine. After shutdown and a reasonable draindown period, then adjust the level to the full mark. Then you will know how much to add at service intervals. If the total is close to 5 qts. I would consider pulling the pan to round out the bottom as the engine is losing some of the cooling effect of the extra quart.


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        What I would be more concerned about than the Oil Capacity, would be the damage to the Oil Pickup and it's clearance, and it picking up the very bottom of the gunk in the sump oil.
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          I agree with Rich, I would recommend removing the pan and repairing the bottom as the oil pump pick up is close to the bottom of the pan and pushing the pan into the pick up could cause oiling problems. Bud


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            Another bonus with removing the pan is the ability to remove any sludge in the pan and pump screen.
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              Thanks for the info and suggestions.