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Suddenly nothing happens when I pull on my fan control knob-- 61 Lark

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  • Electrical: Suddenly nothing happens when I pull on my fan control knob-- 61 Lark

    Hi, I am still pretty green about my new Stude-- how shall I go about troubleshooting the demise of my fan control knob-- worked fine a few weeks ago when operating the heater in the car but now nothing happens when I pull it out-- winter weather coming and right now no heat!! Yikes
    Martin in Oregon
    '61 Lark VI Deluxe 4 dr sedan


    an original Flamingo Lark

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    make sure you have power to the switch- use a test light-if no power to switch check fuse- replace if needed.If power present at switch check power to fan if no power to fan check wire to fan- if power to fan and it does not work, check ground wire, tap fan housing or turn fan blade be careful it might start to spin. Remove fan and supply power to fan out of car if it does not work you need a new fan, I think wear a sweater if it's cold and use an old wiper blade to clean the inside of your window, good luck.


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      Using the test light, if you have power coming in to the switch but not exiting the other side, the switch is at fault. Before replacing it, I would try saturating it with CRC contact cleaner and working the slider in and out. More often than not, after fifty years, the contacts in the switch have become dirty or oxidized. If the contact cleaner can get in there the problem may be solved.
      I've redeemed a few switches that should have been replaced by taking them apart and cleaning but, there are some tiny springs in some of them that can, upon dis-assembly, fly in to the netherworld.
      Brad Johnson,
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