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  • Paint: Exhaust manifold paint

    has anyone found a good DIY product that works good?
    Mark Riesch
    New Bern, NC

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    Spray graphite called Slip Plate works well and will not burn off.
    Bez Auto Alchemy

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      If you have the ability to airbrush or HVLP you can't beat ceramic coatings. I get all my stuff from
      You do have to register with them to shop on their site but it is easy enough.
      They have some products that don't require high temp curing which is nice but for something like an exhaust you can cure it on the car. You just have to be careful with the initial install because it can still be soft. They have some coating that are thermal barriers which helps lower engine bay temps and improves exhaust flow.
      It's a bit pricey at about $40 for 4 oz but I coated most of a 4 cyl engine and trans with one 4 oz container. I used an airbrush to minimize waste. It goes a long ways if you do it right.
      If you did go that way post back here and I'll give you some tips on application to help you get a nice finish.
      If you are on a tighter budget or can't use spray equipment I have heard good things about


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        If flat black suits you, BBQ grill paint is cheap and easy, and will last maybe 10K miles.


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          Valve cover engine and ITBs ceramic coated with heat dissipation ceramic.

          The other great thing about this stuff is it's very slick. Dirt and grease can usually be a pain to clean off the engine but with this coating it practically falls off.

          I did the intake, exhaust and turbo with turbine coat which is a thermal barrier and is also supposed to flow better than raw metal. I only did the inside though as I liked the metal finish and the intake is aluminum and the header is stainless.


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            I personally prefer Eastwood's manifold paint as i have had good luck with it, I use the brush on kind. One of my Studes had its manifolds done with it more than 15 years ago and still looks good. It is available in black or metal color last I checked.
            Frank van Doorn
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