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  • Engine: jet thrust

    What kind if horsepower do you think you would get from a stock 259 with a jet thrust supercharger pushing through it?
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    230 HP considering a proper carb. and sufficient exhaust.
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      So you only pick up 35 HP over stock with a 4 bbl carb?


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        Thats probably a good guess. Remember the R series engines with a supercharger also had a different cam & dual point distributor with modified spark advance. Perhaps some of the guys from the Studebaker Racing Forum will see this & chime in too.
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          Thanks for the info.I've always heard that the easiest way to increase horse power is with turbo or supercharging. I thought with 6 to 7 lbs of boost you could increase by 50%. By the way Warren, I live in Hemet.


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            The best you can hope for is 5# of boost at 5000rpm with an SN60 Paxton of 60's vintage. Horsepower loss from turning the supercharger must also be taken into account.
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              Actually 230 is only 5 more than a stock '57 to '64 289 4V, and 10 less than a R1 289 with 10.25 to 1 Comp. a bit too much for a Supercharged engine. But, the obvious trick is to get custom made higher Comp. pistons for a 259 at about 9.5 to 1 and do valve and head work, change to an R1/R2 Cam or an R2+ Fairborn Studebaker Cam.

              I do think you would be looking at more like maybe 240 or so, stock with blower, but still not enough for the cost, and you WILL be needing R1/R2 Valve Springs!
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                I thought with 6 to 7 lbs of boost you could increase by 50%.
                You must have been reading Andy Granatelli's ads for the Paxton. Andy G. always did dream large. Believe those who have experience with the product over those who want to sell you the product.

                As previously mentioned, the R2 made 49 more horsepower than an R1. That's about a 20% increase.

                I'd agree with Rich, a 259" with increased compression and cam would be around 240 horsepower.

                jack vines
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                  Well, I've done it; having installed a complete R2 setup on a worn 1960 Lark VIII Regal 4-door with overdrive. Heck, I was only 21 or 22 when I did it, but it made a lot of power. 259s wind up so much faster than longer-stroke 289s, all other things equal.

                  Go for it! BP
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