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Brake lines for 63 Avanti

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  • Brakes: Brake lines for 63 Avanti

    I am working on a 63 Avanti R! , is there a vendor that has pre-bent brake lines I need all the lines from front to rear I do NOT want to use stainless lines. also looking for all the mounting clips an hoses is there a vendor that has all the parts in one place .
    Joseph Kastellec

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    Joe, I used Inline Tube,

    However, the kit did not include the two little lines to the front calipers. I did send them my old ones and they were going to include them in the revised kit. It was not a perfect fit, but better than I could accomplish. So was happy. And I do not have to worry about rust. I think the kit was about $250 a year ago.
    1963 Avanti R2
    Marshall, VA


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      I also used in line tube for my 63 Avanti. Some of the bends are just a touch off, but VERY usable.

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