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Refurbishing starter and generator.

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  • Electrical: Refurbishing starter and generator.

    I have a 1925 Standard six 2 door sedan that I am trying to get running. When I turn the ignition and press the starter button nothing happens. The battery is 2years old is has about 7v. Is this a probable culprit or do I need the starter motor and possibly the generator refurbished? The starter is a Wagner and I am not sure what the generator is. Has anyone sent their starter and/or generator out to be professionaly refurbished? If so, any recommendations?

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    I don't know systems this old but before you start assuming the worst do some basic troubleshooting. Make sure that 7 volts is getting to the solenoid and starter switch. See what voltage is as the starter motor when you push the switch. Check any relays or solenoids. 6V systems don't take much of a dirty or loose connection before they fail. You can also use a jumper cable to run power directly to the starter motor to see if it spins. Just be super careful about polarity and don't short anything out. If you are lucky there might be a member in the Phoenix area willing to help out.


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      What he said:
      "You can also use a jumper cable to run power directly to the starter motor to see if it spins"

      Be sure also that your ground connections are VERRY clean and tight, everyone assumes the ground circuit is OK thus it is often overlooked.
      You can remove the starter and use jumpers from a battery and see if it spins, too.

      Too soon to condemn the starter and generator, need more diagnostics

      Do you know the last time the car ran? Did you just get it?
      1947 M5 under restoration
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