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  • Steering: rack & pinon

    I know there has been talk about rack & pinion steering. I happend to find a company on Jay Leno garage about a company that makes a universal unit. The web sight is I know nothing about it and is to much money for me .

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    There is no way to make a universal kit for any steering system that will provide proper geometry. With the location of A-Arms on the Studebaker the only practical way to use a R&P system is to have a unit that mounts the tie rods at the center of the unit like some of the GM front wheel cars did in the 80's or so. It has been done but it is not easy and you might end up with results worse than fixing what you have.

    If your complaint is sloppy steering start by rebuilding your fornt suspension including the center pivot, king pins and replace tie rods and drag link if required. Make sure that your steering gear box is in good shape and properly adjusted. Low air pressure in the front tires, even with radials, will reduce the responsiveness of the steering.
    David L


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      Yes, David is correct in that it's not easy, nor cheap. Kids, don't try this at home without adult supervision. To this point, we've seen more R&P installs which didn't work well than those which did. FWIW, my first attempt at R&P a few years back was not completely satisfactory and I've been doing this a while.

      Yes, this RetroRack does mount the steering arms in the center as did Studebaker and it has 8" of travel, so the RetroRack can theoretically be made to work.

      No, their order form and price list didn't open for me, so I couldn't find a price, but shipped from OZ, custom brackets fabbed and installed, with PS pump and lines, guaranteed to be way north of $2500.

      Maybe, some RASO will step up for one and document the installation here.

      jack vines


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          On Ebay right now is a '55 with center rack and pinion and a 331 hemi, I emailed him asking about the rack

          the rack is from a '96 grand am, $150. rebuilt sounds cheap to me! someone else try it and let me know how it goes, but it looks like an easy fit
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          Mark Riesch
          New Bern, NC