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Proper fuel filter for 1958?

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  • Fuel System: Proper fuel filter for 1958?

    The original fuel filter that came with my 58 President is a Carter with a glass bowl and stone filter. This was removed by my mechanic and now the rubber gasket is missing. I purchased an AC filter, same type with a glass bowl, from the same era but am now not sure I should use it. I've looked around for the Carter filter and can't find one. I'm keeping my car 100% original and am not sure what to do. Any suggestions?
    Jim Rostron

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    I'd soak the old stone and blow it out, get a sheet of neoprene gasket material and make a gasket until the right part number for it comes up for sale. You can use the old filter, they rarely go bad.


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      Do not tighten the glass bowl up too much when it is cold (voice of experience).
      Gary L.
      Wappinger, NY

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        I think your right, will do.
        Jim Rostron


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          You can also cut a gasket from 3/32 cork gasket material avail from all autoparts stores. Cork is one of the few things which will stand up to gasoline
          1947 M5 under restoration
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