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Urethane sealer at bottom of door pillars?

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  • Body / Glass: Urethane sealer at bottom of door pillars?

    I am stripping the paint around the jambs on my 51 Land Cruiser. I have removed what appears to have been old flexible grey seam sealer from the thin gaps where the tabs of the B-pillars are folded out and attach to the roof .

    I assume that urethane seam sealer should go back in but what about at the bottoms of the pillars? There was not much evidence of old sealer down there so I wondered if these small gaps were intended to 'drain' the pillars. I don't like the idea of all the water from the road splashing up inside the pillar so I'm leaning toward filling all the small gaps with seam sealer.

    Thoughts from those with more experience?

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    You can use a good 2 part seam sealer, be sure to clean the metal first and use an etch prime =r on the bare metal. Do not put seam sealer on bare metal. You could probably use a brushable seam sealer too, it's a lot cheaper, but not as good as a 2 part.

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