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    When I was a young college student attending Oregon State University, I actually worked part-time at Courtesy Motors Studebaker in Corvallis, OR. Yeah, I am talking 1964-1966 or so. A new and improved weatherseal had been introduced by Studebaker, and I installed this in quite a few Wagonaires at the time. The flat rate time was 4 hours and I could do in in 3 hours -and I was being paid $3.25 per hour - half of shop rate of $6.50! I had to test each job by spraying water at fairly high pressure on the roof opening - and they did not leak! The procedure is per Service Letter F-1963-1, "WATER LEAK CORRECTIONS - WAGONAIRE MODELS" I thought the sliding roof system was well designed and engineered, and when the weatherseal was soft and compliant it sealed very well. So, yes, replacing the roof seal should be a real improvement.


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      It's here. Took delivery of my new '65 Wagonaire.

      I can say you were replacing weather stripping long before I was a twinkle in my momma's eye. Ok, there is some work to do but the car is solid and hums. The first thing to do is change the weather stripping on the slider. Question: how do you remove the slider to get this done? I think the weather stripping was shipped yesterday from Stude Int'l. Thanks for all help.

      It is a balmy 75 degrees in the ole P'Sac so windows are down and slider open.


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        Very basic instructions - remove the right side track - loosen the left side track - lower the roof panel and lift it out of the left side track. The '59 - '64 Shop Manual covers sliding roof panel removal and is considered a supplement to the '65 - '66 Shop Manual, which only covers the mechanical differences on '65 - '66 cars. Does some one on the Forum provide copies of the Service Bulletins, such as F-1963-1 referenced in post #16? I sort of remember that there was a later Service Bulletin that superceeded -1, but I don't have it.


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          rob, did you in fact ever replace your tailgate seal (the one at the bottom) if you did where did you get it? thanks cathy


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            Originally posted by lynn fletcher View Post
            Is there a proven system to seal a wagonair roof? I've looked at a couple and can see day light past the slider. I'm thinking water can see this too? Thanx
            Recently I posted a copy of the service letter that details how to repair Wagonaire sliding roofs. See

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              Originally posted by stude1964 View Post
              I bought new weatherstrip from Automotive Restoration Supplies in Windber,PA. I also replaced the drain tubes w/vinyl hose & made sure they exited the rockers at the B post & through the rear 1/4's. I've had no problems since on my '64. Rob
              Rob, I am sure many of us would appreciate knowing WHAT you ordered for a Sliding Roof Weatherstrip material.

              I read the whole Catalog and never saw anything listed for that purpose. You must have matched a piece of your original cross section of material to their Catalog pictures of universal material, so which one?
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