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79 Avanti 11 restoration

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  • Body: 79 Avanti 11 restoration

    Would like to put my good 79 Avanti 11 body on Corvette frame. I have a line on a 75 corvette. Anyone have any ideas or experiance ? My frame is completely rusted out. Thanks, for any help.

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    I can show you pics of one. They didn't use the entire Corvette chassis, just the front and rear trucks. Looks pretty neat and couldn't be that difficult
    Supposedly an LS5
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      A C3 Corvette has a 98" wheelbase where the Avanti has a 109" wheelbase. Either the Vette frame has to be stretched or the Avanti cut down into a two seater...which has been done before. A lot of Vette guys use a C4 chassis (1983-1996 Vette) for earlier body Corvettes...a much more advanced chassis than the C3 offers (I say that as a C3 owner), but with enough money and engineering talent, most anything is possible.

      A good Avanti chassis should run you about $2k or thereabouts. You might look into the cost of doing that as opposed to the challenges of adapting a completely different chassis.
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        Wish you were closer. I have a '75 avanti rust-free frame I need hauled away.


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          "Wish you were closer. I have a '75 avanti rust-free frame I need hauled away."

          For what you will have invested in time and money, the shipping on a frame would probably be a wash. But, your time, and your money!

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            I have helped my buddies do older Corvette to C4 (84-96) conversions. Do not use that older 75 Corvette chassis. Since you need a new frame, I would consider a good Avanti frame with a C-4 front and rear suspension. OR, there is a wide selection of modern aftermarket Corvette suspension kits to use on a good Avanti frame.

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