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Amp pull of wipers

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  • Amp pull of wipers

    A 1955 President State, what amperage does the wiper motor pull? I want to drop the voltage from 12 V to 6 V. I'm sure the motor is 6 V and PO has no voltage reducer . I have a resistor that is 1.5 ohms, directions say this will drop the voltage to 6 V but for 4 Amps ( not above or below 4 amps ). There are several ways to hook resistorS up for varing amp draws at 6 V. I tried the 4 amp set up and the resistor gets hot enough the burn my hand when the wiper is on.

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    It'll burn your hand regardless, that's how it wastes the voltage drop. Try measuring the voltage at the wiper in operation at the different settings. (look for 6-8 volts)


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      Why not just put a 12V motor on there??? Any 56 thru '60 wiper motor will fit right on there!

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