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Adding another circuit under dash

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  • Adding another circuit under dash

    OK, have an electrical question...

    I've had the dash out of my 58 Hawk to replace switches, radio
    etc. and am just about done. I have pretested all the switches and circuits and now everything works.. However, Before I reinstall the dash, I want to ad a clock - which the car never had.... I plan to add a hot wire from the
    main light switch, which I assume should cause no problem?
    I also need an additional bulb for the clock... is there any problem just splicing into another bulb circuit to run a light to the clock?
    I realize these are elementary questions but I don't want to create an unsafe condition.....Tks,
    Joe D.

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    No prob adding a bulb to the existing dash light harness.

    I'd tie in the clock power where Studebaker did. Check your wiring diagram to find the pick up point for the power. I believe Studebaker had an in line fuse to the clock when they added one.

    Dick Steinkamp
    Bellingham, WA


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      The clock on my 1955 has an inline fuse for clock light and another in line fuse for the clocks' power source. Both power sources come off the head light switch. The clock light line is in the dimmer connection post(hole)of the light switch and the clock power comes off a post that never goes 'cold'.


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        No need to put a fuse in the light circut. There's already one there...the bulb!
        But one in the clock circut is a good idea.

        Use solder and shrink tube to make a good connection.



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          ok, thanks for the help, sounds easy enough; Dick, point
          well taken on solder etc. I have been doing that as I go, trying to
          make everything solid and secure. Now if I could just locate
          an aditional socket/bulb for the clock.. I can't seem to locate one, anyone have some old wiring laying around? tks,

          Here's a pic of my partically reassembled dash board.