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Transmission fluid in OD transmission?

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  • Transmission: Transmission fluid in OD transmission?

    A chapter member last night ask me to post a question for him. What kind of transmission fluid should be put in the tranmission and O/D for a 1953 Champ?

    Also same quetion for the rear differential.

    all are original to 1953 no changes.



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    Transmission calls for straight 90W mineral oil with no additives to give it an EP rating. Others will chime in to tell you the correct "GL" designation. The owner's manual did allow for use of 50W motor oil instead, and my preference is to use motor oil. My own personal preference would be to use a good 5W-50 synthetic motor oil in the transmission and overdrive, being sure to fill both housings separately. If the seals leak a lot, you might not want to use expensive oil. Note that the specified fill in modern manual transmissions is ATF. Modern oils are much better than what was available in '53.

    For the rear end, use 80W-90 gear lube with an EP rating, or oil designated as "hypoid oil". This is the commonly-available stuff you will find on the shelves of your FLAPS. The straight mineral oil takes some searching, these days.

    FWIW, I believe that standard transmissions shift better and last longer when filled with motor oil than with heavy oil.
    Gord Richmond, within Weasel range of the Alberta Badlands


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      Thank you, I will send him the link to this post and he will hav ehis answer.



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        What Gordon said, Mark, and the correct designation is GL-1 only. BP
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          Thanks guys! That will help him alot.