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57 Silver Hawk issues

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  • Electrical: 57 Silver Hawk issues

    Occasionally when driving my Hawk it cuts out and when I turn the key to restart I get nothing. The previous owner said he moved one wire that was just to the right of the switch under the dash and it would start. The first time it happened (when I was test driving it) I did like he said and wiggled wires under the dash and it started. We both figured it was an ignition switch issue so when I bought the car I installed a new Studebaker International switch. I made sure to switch over one post at a time so I didn't mess it up. Went out to put gas in it as I wasn't sure how much was it (gauge removed for the moment) and it died and would not restart and I had to pull it home. Took the new switch out and put the old one back in. Same result. Normally I can tell when its going to work as the electric fuel pump makes noise. Tested the new switch with a multimeter and it tested good. I swapped in a known good starter solenoid but nothing changed so I put the old one back. Then I started messing with wires hanging near the base of the steering column and noticed one that looked a bit warn and loose I wiggled it a bit and then turned the key and it started. Very weird. I don't know if it was this wire that did it or just the fact I was wiggling all sorts of wires. So the next weekend I started replacing connectors that I deemed in need of replacement. I tested my theory of the two wires near the column base by unplugging them and wrapping tape around each end so they couldn't touch. Still started. Could it be some sort of neutral safety switch? This weekend I hope to replace more battery cables (I replaced the positive to solenoid cable with one I had until I can get some welding cable). Could this be a ground issue? I'm totally lost.

    Also it has a vibration through the gas pedal when accelerating. Center support bearing? My other old cars have one piece driveshafts so I'm not exactly positive what the bearing going bad feels like.

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    Originally posted by DocHemi View Post
    >>>I'm totally lost.<<<
    IF ...the gas gauge is still removed; you need to temporally tape together those TWO wires (1 solid Black & 1 White w/Black tracer) you removed from the "ignition" (IGN) stud on the gauge. Naturally, use a good electrical/insulating tape.

    Also for further diagnosis it would be helpful to know if your Silver Hawk is a 6 cyl. or V8, Automatic or Manual.
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      Terribly sorry. 289/automatic. The previous owner removed the gauge to test it and found it was the sender but never put the gauge back. Does the gauge complete a circuit in the ignition system? Guess I need to look at the wiring diagram again.