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  • Fuel pump?

    When out driveing my baby today , i stopped at a buddys house for approx 30-45 mins upon starting the car up, and leaveing, turning onto the main road and accelerating, i seemed to hit a dead spot, it just died down and cam to a slow crawl seemed as if it wasnt getting any fuel, all i could hear was the carb sucking air. So i pumped her a little and she came outta this dead spot so to say.

    Well it did that 2 more times this evening, one while it sat running for a min or 2 another time while sitting for an hour. I went to take off got about 20 yards was running fine then it hit. I actually had to pull off the road this time because i was slowing traffic down, it was like she wanted to accelerate but couldnt.

    In attempt to describe the problem further ill say this.

    It never completely dies out seems as if its just chugging for a second coughing on something.I goto give it gas it feels like your flooding a engine while running, almost like its getting to much gas or none at all, and makeing that starveing "sucking noise". The car seems to lurch and dive a little and the more you feather the pedal the weirder it gets. But only for about 5-10 seconds then wham shes back to normal and screaming down the road...

    Im assumeing its a fueling issue being that i could hear the carb sucking and the tranny seemed to respond to me gassing it by kicking down but the car went no where.

    Also this car has a exhaust manifold leak, maybe this is contributing im not sure. All feedback is very well appreciated. (sorry for the lengthy post trying to be as descriptive as i can)

    62 Lark Hardtop, 289 v8 stude power.

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    Marc, have you rebuilt the carb? It almost sounds like the accelerator pump is bad.

    Tom - Valrico, FL

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      look at the picture under my sig that will answer the question haha (not to sound like a smartass im just joshin around) Its a brand new 4b EB carb.

      62 Lark Hardtop, 289 v8 stude power.


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        My 64 Daytona does that sometimes. I am not sure why. Maybe trash in the gas tank or possibly vapor lock.

        Leonard Shepherd


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          I had a 1954 Kaiser that did as your car. It was a fuel feed problem, not vapor lock, not accelerator pump, not fuel pump. I tried all of those things as a fix and all could have been the problem. The final problem, a blocked fuel uptake tube in the tank.


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            ill drop the tank and see whats going on in there. Then ill report back =)

            62 Lark Hardtop, 289 v8 stude power.


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              Check for a vent line on your fuel tank that may be inside the trunk connected to the filler neck. If it's there, follow it to its end and check for a blockage. If there is no vent tube, make sure your fuel cap is vented. Quick and easy just may be your problem. Hope this helps.

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                Latest report

                Haven't dropped the tank, but I did test the fuel pump it appears to be all good. Put a new fuel filter on again, its all good no clogging or blockage. Checked the fuel lines all the way back appeared to be good no ruptures or pinching, or anything like that, Guess I'm going to have to drop the tank while I have it up on stands(currently trying to change the leaf bushings but there a sumofabitch)

                62 Lark Hardtop, 289 v8 stude power.