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    I am r ewdoing a 55 commander with the original eng.I have gotten to the point of running and tuning the eng.It is a 259 .The problem is I have no vacumn at the vac port ffor the carb and dist.I pulled a plug on the other side of the manifold and have good vacumn.I used this port for tuning the carbs at idle.Since I have no vac at the port for the carb and dist I have no advance.My other 55 has a full flow engine and the nanifold ports are different.Two tubes about 3/16"attachedto the manifold.I have good vacumn at these ports.The one with no vac has about a 7/16" tube attached to the manifold it is probably 6 inchs longand comes out one of the ports,attached to it is a smaller tube about 3" long about 1/8 dia. arubber tube hooks to it and gives trhe vac for the distr.Attached to the center of the vac tap is another tube that gives vac to the auto choke.,I filled the tube with wd40 to see if it had an opening to obtain the vac.The tube is solid.How does this manifild get its vacumn to the port.I have another 259 that came out of a 55 it is the same way a sealed tube.Am I overlooking the obvious Sorry for being long winded but I tried to define the problem

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    The two small metal lines in the center port of the manifold are heat exchangers for a choke. They are warmed air only, not a vaccum source. What carb do you have? The carb base plate has a port to the distributor, it is a high idle circut. A 55 has a steel line for this job if I recall and it runs toward the front of the carb.


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      The vacuum port for spark advance is at the rear of the carburetor if you have a 2 barrel and the right lower front if the engine has a 4 barrel carburetor. Studebaker distributors use ported vacuum for the vacuum advance so you won't have vacuum at the port at idle. Bud


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        Thanks for the info.I am out of town will check it out when I return next week.