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C K heater blower motor & fan wheel

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  • Cool/Heat: C K heater blower motor & fan wheel

    I had my 55 Commander coupe (changed to 12 Volt) heater blower motor bite the dust, while trying to take it apart I messed up the fan wheel (squirrel cage), I found replacement parts at NAPA Auto Parts and Advanced Auto Parts. The Advanced part number for the fan wheel(squirrel cage) is #35616 Fan Wheel cost here in Northern Il. was $47.89 my shipping was free. Because the fan wheel was different than the original I had to have blower motor #35591 with a longer shaft it cost $33.18. I went to Advance only because it was closer to my home. Hope this helps other in need of a 12 Volt motor and or fan wheel (squirrel cage). Saved time and was local.

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    Thanks for all that info ...I'll file it away in case someday I do need it.

    One question, please: Is it all back together now and working as it should be? TIA


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      Yes all back together now it seems at little loud will put some rubber between the fender well and the blower housing hope it make it quieter


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        ............and if your motor, fan etc is toast, use a 12V 4" bilge blower, tucks neatly in under the RS fender well, works two speed with the fan switch and puts out a lot of CFM....