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Need '64 gas tank...

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  • Fuel System: Need '64 gas tank...

    Any thoughts where I can begin looking for a good Gas Tank for my '64 Commander ...close to Allentown, PA? Mine is really gunked up with 20 year old gas and rust! Looks like somebody coated the innards with a mixture of varnish and coffee grounds!!

    My intent was to expoxy coat the thing, but I don't know of a radiator shop that will hot tank it for me. Don't know if it can be cleaned anyway. Outside looks great...inside, not so much. Any ideas on cleaning or procurement will be appreciated.

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    GasTankRenu, Doug, is the way to go. We've discussed it here many times:

    Please, if your tank is as you described, it is still usable. There's only a finite supply of new tanks extant, and the probability of them ever being reproduced is slim due to the market size.

    By all, means, GasTankRenu the one you've got and save an NOS unit for someone whose tank is beyond salvation, missing, etc. BP
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      Thanks Bob. I will chase it! Glad it can be saved.

      sigpicGood judgment is the result of experience; ...experience is the result of bad judgment.


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        You may want to contact Bill Sovitski at Elizabeth Radiator, in Elizabeth, PA.

        Bill is an old school radiator and tank man. He is a regular vendor at Reedsville, if you can wait that long.
        Jim Bradley
        Lake Monticello, VA
        '78 Avanti II