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1963 Champ 6 with ruined head - options?

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    I probably have a few, I'll check. If you need it, send me your address and I'll send it to you.

    Originally posted by hdh View Post
    ok, good point

    I was trying to keep the manifolds in place, but...

    Hopefully that side cover won't require an additional gasket.


    Ron Dame
    '63 Champ


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      head install

      Back together - head's in, manifolds on, rocker arms installed.

      Glad I pulled the inspection cover because both of them were loose. Wouldn't have been possible for me to reinstall the lifter without removing that. The gasket looked ok and didn't tear so perhaps now that its tight it won't leak - we'll see. Need one brass nut for the manifold because the old head had a bad stud that had been jury-rigged with the wrong thread bolt and nut. Otherwise it's coming together just need to reinstall the carb and bolt up my new waterpump.

      This week need to finish buttoning it up and adjust the valves before I start it.

      Hopeful the head gasket won't leak and it'll run well.