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48 Champion Fender Ornament Mounting

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  • 48 Champion Fender Ornament Mounting

    I have a set of fender ornaments for my 48 Champion Convertible but I am missing a template or instructions as to where they are to be mounted. I would like to borrow or buy the information. Please call me at 408-264-4941.

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    If you can't find a template, I have several photos of the fender ornaments on 48 Champions that show them at the fender top centerline and starting 1/4 to 1/2 inch back from the rear of the headlight ring.

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      I can't find any pictures of Champions with them but here is a Land Cruiser from the Inside Facts book.

      Leonard Shepherd


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        The keeper of Instructions and Templates may have these. I'm away from home and cannot supply the contact information, but I'm sure someone will.

        Dwain G.


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          I do not recall the 48 Champions having any fender ornaments at all. The 47 Champions had ornaments mounted on the lower front part of the front fender.

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            Dave Mottle of New Mexico is the keeper of the templates. If you ask him for such (and there's no guarantee he has this particular info as the library of such is incomplete), be mindful of the cost of copying and postage at the very least.

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