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  • Brakes: Hard Brake Lining

    I rotated the tires on the rear while I was at it I pulled the hubs to clean out the brake dust I always take a air motor with a wire brush and clean the shoes. I couldn't even break the glaze. Don't they make soft linings any more. A guy told me to cut some grooves across the lining.

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    Don't they make soft linings any more.
    Short answer - NO.

    Since Studebaker introduced front disc brakes in '63, the drum brake shoe lining material has been made of increasingly harder materials. Since asbestos was removed, standard drum brakes just don't stop very well. Since power brakes became universal, harder materials are all we can get.

    For forty years, Pacific Diesel Brake here in Spokane would build me whatever I wanted. They closed this spring and now I don't have a clue where to go to get the good old stuff.

    jack vines


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      I called Tulsa Brake and Clutch and they said they had a semi soft metallic lining they could put on but they don't last as long as the regular lining. If it works I am game I only put about 5000 miles a year on the Studebaker $15 a lining and $10 to turn the drum.