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Suggestions for air cleaner on Edelbrock carburetor...

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  • Fuel System: Suggestions for air cleaner on Edelbrock carburetor...

    My '59 Lark is set up with a 500 cfm Edelbrock 4 barrel. The present air cleaner is the small triangular foam unit from Edelbrock. I would like to move to a 3 inch tall, 14 inch diameter paper element type air cleaner unit to get some better filtration.

    My car has the partial flow oil filter, so it has the big, square edge bracket positioned within 7 inches radius of carb center. But, I recently added an isolation stack under the carburetor that has raised the flange height of the carburetor above the highest edge of the bracket.

    So, it looks like I can go no lower than the carburetor flange height for the base of an air cleaner. From peeking under the slightly open edge of the hood, it looks like there will not be an issue of air cleaner height. I think any drop base air cleaner is out.

    Has anyone set up a 14 inch by 3 inch tall air cleaner on a 59-60 Lark? Does a so-called "flat base" air cleaner work for the application? Or would I need to go to an "offset base" air cleaner, which is not desirable to me.

    Thanks in advance for your thoughts.

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    Call Bob Helm, he has a nice air cleaner for the Edelbrock carb. He advertises in TW. Clears the electric choke.


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      The Edelbrock, Carter, Holley, Rochester and Barry Grant Demon 4-bbls for the past forty years share the same air horn diameter.

      Do you want the shiny custom stuff or a quiet, efficient air filter system? If shiny, the Summit and Jegs and FLAPS have dozens from which to choose.

      If you want good and quiet, the older U-Pik yards with lots of pickups in them should have a wide variety of OEM air filters from which to choose.

      I'd cut a circle of cardboard the maximum diameter which clears the obstacles and take it with me air filter shopping.

      jack vines


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        Yes...(as Jack says) the cute, chrome, flat base works just fine (does on my 59 Lark).
        I'll end up real close to the torsion bar that bolts to the hood hinges, but should just clear. Jack notes, on another car I put together, a Ford factory housing works well also. If you get one from a late 70's 80's full sized car, the housing and lid are aluminum. So they are light and can be polished...or painted black as I did.



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          Why not make one. Some time ago, someone posted an air cleaner that used a full Studebaker wheel cover for a custom air cleaner cover. Just get a suitable base, large diameter dry filter element, and top it off with a Studebaker wheel cover. I thought it looked great!
          John Clary
          Greer, SC

          SDC member since 1975


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            Thank you for the great ideas and suggestions. It never hurts to ask.