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Avanti Hog Trough

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  • Avanti Hog Trough

    Hello Everyone,

    Now that I have a Studebaker, my brother is having "caniptions" over an Avanti he found. Of course he is the one that got me interested in Studes to begin with. The car needs some TLC for sure. I think it's worth saving though. I do believe it needs new "Hog Troughs". Does anyone have experience with replacing these? About how many hours does it take to replace these? Any words of wisdom? Regards

    Dan-------ps This is a 1980 Avanti with a 350 auto

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    Hog troughs are $1000/pair, 40 hours of labor if you know what you are doing, more like 60 hours the first time. I know vendors that do a turn key job for $3500. Be sure and check the frame too, if the troughs are weak, the frame is likely to be also. (Add $4K if you need a frame replaced) I don"t typically buy rusty Avanti's unless they are so cheap that adding 4K or so to the asking price still results in a fair deal. Since it's later Avanti II, unfortunately that means it better be close to free if it needs paint and interior, maybe 3K-5K if it does not. I'd be very suspect of a 80 Avanti frame too, they were getting to the bottom of the barrel on frames by then. (rusty six cylinders)


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      Yes, I have replaced the hog troughs.......and it is time consuming and very demanding. First, go out a buy several cut off wheels, second, buy a big rivet gun third, great drill bits fourth, some great adhesive, fifth, jack stands to hold the body off the frame, sixth, find "great friends to help" and go to church every Sunday, before you start. No kidding, its a job and I don't think it can be done by a novice. You need some "auto" experience. I'm doing a complete Avanti frame off and it is very much a challenge. You don't have an Avanti next store to look at, when you forget something. Its not like doing a 63 chevy. Good luck and if you want any more info., go to