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  • Brakes: Disc Brake conversion

    OK so I paid a ton o money to have a disc brake conversion (Turner) done to the fronts only of my 54 Commander coupe.

    2 days after getting the car back, I went to drive it and no brakes, petal went right to the floor and would not pump up. Contacted the mechanic who did the conversion. He drove over to my house and after screwing with it said that one of the valves he put in went bad and would need to be replaced which he did at no charge. Car was fine for 3 weeks. Now today go to drive the car and petal goes to the floor but this time will pump up some. I hate to call this yahoo again . My thoughts are either the brakes need to be bled or the new dual master cylinder is bad. Am I on the right track? Your thoughts are much appreciated.


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    Call Turner tomorrow.

    Had an issue with the install on my Hawk and Jim advised what my mechanic had overlooked and had it fixed in about five minutes.

    Turner is a great cat - call him. Once this is sorted out, you will be thrilled with the improved car you now have. I was.

    sigpic 62 Hawk - Wisconsin barn find