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Is anyone familiar with the Master Power Brakes company

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  • Brakes: Is anyone familiar with the Master Power Brakes company

    Master Power Brakes" has a remote reservoir/Master combination that looks interesting. Is anyone familiar with this company? Has anyone on the board used them?

    I hate to cut a hole in the new carpet and new floor board if I eventually want to have front discs, dual master and remote reservoir. When it comes to brakes I'm not looking for style points.

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    Don't see why it wouldn't work. Looks like a nice unit. There are OEM master cylinders out there that will work too, such as Mitsu Eclipse, and Nissan Quest/Mercury Villager. If your sole purpose is a remote reservoir there are kits to convert a stock stude master cylinder to remote fill...I think they were originally made for old JEEPs...I know this info is somewhere on the forum so a little searching should turn something up. Junior
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      AFAIK, Master Power brake is a pretty reputable company. I have one of their combo valves on my Hawk.
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