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Coil springs heavey duty for 1961 Lark convert.

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  • Frame / Springs: Coil springs heavey duty for 1961 Lark convert.

    Looking find info on frt. coil springs for 1961 Lark Convert. I have in the yellow band and my tires hit my fenders when I turn. The book calls for the yellow/blue band or can I get an after market set/ I have 6-70/15 tires and Stude rims. Which I forgot to mention.
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    Just order a pair of the HD #526122 from Studebaker International. They'll do fine. $150 a pair, and they are new production, too, AFAIK.

    Make sure you don't have wheels from another application and/or large tires that will contact the fenders even with new, heavy-duty springs. BP
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