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Oil in the coolant

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  • Oil in the coolant

    Just had my 63 GT's motor rebuilt by a reputable shop.I was getting oil in the rad B-4 the rebuild,that included +.030 pistons & rings &
    -.010 rods & mains.The block was also magna-fluxed & boiled out.
    After I installed the motor & ran it awhile up through the rad came
    a'bubblin crude (oil that is)Where have I heard that B-4?
    Anyway it runs great with 40lbs. pressure at hot idle,all new gaskets & torques double checked.
    I took out the thermostat filled blk.level with water & forced air into the oil-galley plug at the front of the left head & sure enough I had air bubbles came up the coolant in the thermostat cavity.The only solution I can think of is the oil is escaping the rocker supply galley & getting into the coolant somehow.I am about 5 seconds away from putting in a s/b Chevy.Any other solutions out there ?

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    You might try retorquing the heads. The rocker arms get their oil by flowing around one of the head bolts. If the head gasket is a tad loose in that area, oil could flow from there into one of the coolant passages that is sealed by the gasket. Keep in mind that 40 psi of oil pressure is going to overpower 12-16 psi of coolant pressure. Regardless of what the manual or gasket manufacturer says, I like to retorque the heads after getting it warmed up.


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      Were the cylinder heads shaved a 'significant' amount?

      Dwain G.


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        I go with head gasket/s area leaking.
        Were the heads level and the block level? Some head gaskets need to be retorqued after a cool down or two( run the car to normal temp and let cool over night). I have been amazed at the amount the head bolts move upon retorquing. I have never done a valve/rebuild on a Studebaker.


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          It is very unusual for a Stude. V-8 to have head gasket oil/coolant leaks because of the 6 bolt per cylinder 18 bolt pattern. So I would agree that uneven block or head surfaces that were not dealt with in the rebuild are the most likely cause.

          Do you know if they used the thin shim type or thick composition (sandwich) type of head gasket?

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