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Three Speed Overdrive Transmissions

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  • Transmission: Three Speed Overdrive Transmissions

    Is the three speed overdrive in a 51 Champion the samething as the three speed overdrive in the 62 Lark?

    The reason why I'm asking this is because I bought a 259 V8 that was pulled out of a 62 Lark.

    In other words, will the three speed overdrive in a 51 champion bolt up to a 259 is what I'm asking? I'm not going to keep it this way. It is only for the time being for moving the car in and out of the garage while working on it. I will get the right transmission and rear end for it later. I just want to be able to move the car without pulling it or pushing it.

    51 Studebaker Commander Land Cruiser

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    The trans behind a 170 I-6 is not the same one used behind a 259 v8. The 6 used a T-96, the 8 used t-86. not likely they will cross bolt
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      I was under the impression that the transmissions can interchange as the bolt pattern was standard, such as putting a T-86 behind a six. You do NOT want to put a T-96 which was designed for about 100 hp, to a maximum of 120 hp or so behind even a 2 bbl 259 as it is too weak to take even that amount of power.