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Champion Front Felt Seal

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  • Engine: Champion Front Felt Seal

    I read on this forum that there is a place to send a Champion timing cover to have it modified for a modern seal. Anybody know where?
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    The bad news is I am pretty sure that seal mod is for the V8 engines only. However unlike the V8 this felt seal is not a common place for a leak. Mine does not leak a drop from the timing cover.


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      I found this in an old post.

      Ingvar Vik will modify the six cylinder timing covers for a neoprene seal. You can find his address and email in the Turning Wheels Co-Operator column heading.

      Vik does some nice work on seals and bearing installs
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        One thing to take care of while your working in that area of the engine is the filler block. Get the helicoil inserts installed so you don't have to worry about it stripping out. Both my flatbed and OHV six had this problem. Very frustrating during an engine build. Now I helical every filler block I use.