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Mechanical BOZO needs much help

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  • Other: Mechanical BOZO needs much help

    Hi, I just bought a 62 Hawk, I'm in love. However, I'm the last guy that should own such a mastrpiece, since I'm pretty much a mechanical idot. My wife has agreed to a $2500 budget to get started so I thought I'd ask the experts before I did something stupid.
    I bought the car from a 86 year old gentleman (3rd owner) it's been painted recently the original robins egg blue but has tiny clear bumps in paint so i know it will have to be repainted (have come to like the funky color).I was only able to figure out how to remove the stainless (just behind the doors) and around thr rear window, could use some help getting the rest of it off.

    It is a 4 speed TT with no pieces missing and the only substantial rust is one corner of the trunk seal channel. The gas guage, oil guage, temp guage, E brake, horn, clock and wipers do not work. Tach, amp guage, radio work fine. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

    I have driven it down my driveway once. No smoke but runs crappy,(backfires)and the brakes want to turn left. My neighbor put in new points,cap and condenser but the carb needs help (stromberg 2bbl). The carb guys want 225.00 to rebuild so I'm thinking about going with a new manifold and a 4bbl.Oh ya, it leaks like a texas well.

    Advise is always apperciated, I'm trying to avoid stupid mistakes and give the hawk the respect it deserves.
    Thanks, Dudeabaker

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    Yo dude, welcome to Studebakerdom. If you would go to the search feature on this forum, you will find lots of good info. I for one, have the same car as you, and had a lot of the same problems. From our vendors, get a shop manual. Has a lot of good info. Also, go to Bob Johnstone's Studebaker site, it has a lot of great info.From my personal experience, I would get it running, maybe plugs, and get the carb straight, than replace the wiring harness. Our vendors have complete wiring harnesses, and this will let you know whether you have wiring problems, or other problems. The oil pressure gauge is mechanical, and the pressure is taken off of the back of one of the cylinder heads. Should be easy to troubleshoot.
    The oil leaks could be a myriad of things. I would steam clean the engine, that will help you locate the source of the leaks. The major one I had was the pan gasket, although, the distributor base gasket was missing, and it leaked, the center valley gasket was loose, and it leaked, in other words it could be coming from anywhere. Also, if the oil pressure gauge hose is leaking, that could be part of two of your problems. Parts are available from our vendors. Take your time, and you should be able to solve a lot of your problems.


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      Thanks Chuck
      Any advice if I should go 4bbl or just leave it stock with the stromberg.How the heck do you remove the stainless trim that runs the length of the car.

      PS; Studebaker people seem to Very Cool


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        The strips snap into holes in the fender. You can see the clips if you look in the wheel wells. You can push them out from underneath with a screw driver pushed into the V of the clip or if you're carefull the can be pried up from above. Just my opinion but I would get it running well with the paint it has now and enjoy it a bit and work out and mechanical issues before paint. Paint won't make it run better and you risk damaging the paint making needed repairs later. You will spend all of your budget on paint and have nothing left to make it go.



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          Bob Johnstone's web site has a section on converting a 2-bbl intake into a 4-bbl intake. 4-bbl intakes are getting scarce. Use a 500 cfm Edelbrock.... don't go with anything larger, they tend to bog down. The stock Stude WCFB is 485 CFM. Make sure your oil pressure gauge line is not leaking....could cost you an engine.


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            Where are you located? It is not on your profile...


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              Id have you over for a beer Chuck, but it would be a bit of a drive. I live in Washington state,near Tacoma.


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                There is a Tacoma Chapter of the Studebaker Drivers club. You can get some good help there.
                Don Wilson, Centralia, WA

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                  Will be in Port Townsend next summer!


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                    Dudebaker, If you have an oil leak, and you're oil gauge isn't working, I'd check the oil line to the gauge first. Like Chuck said in post 5, could cost you an engine. It comes out of the back of the engine on the passenger side, right behind the valve cover. It's a rubber hose connected to a copper line.
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