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How does this piece attach?

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  • How does this piece attach?

    Having removed the fins and rear fenders, bumpers etc.
    on my 58 Hawk over a year ago,
    I somehow lost track of how this one particular
    piece (1604-13 on diagram) attachs:
    the manual says it is a "filler" between the rear fender and
    bumper... I have these two pieces, (one for each side) and they
    have a curvature on
    one side similar to the curve of the back of the fender, but its not obvious (to me) where they attach. Bopefully someone has a Hawk and has done this before. ?? Tks

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    They attach like the illustration shows, they screw on in the indented part of the rear fender and act as a filler beween the bumper ends and fender as you indicated.I can't think of a better way to explain it.

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      and it's the one pair of items that I forgot to give to the painter. I found them buried in a box a week after the car came back from the paint shop. Wouldn't have cared much, except the car is now stock desert sand instead of butter yellow.

      At least there's some spare paint still in the can.



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        Alright, thanks, I'll get those things on. Guess I
        didn't do too bad... just having two
        mystery pieces left over after all I had off the car....

        Joe D.


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          Just like rebuilding an air cooled VW motor, I always seemed to have 1 or 2 extra sheet metal screws left over.

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            The front pieces are chrome on Golden Hawks at least.


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