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Hose Clamps for 55 V8

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  • Hose Clamps for 55 V8

    The 55 Shop Manual shows a 6 with flat sheet metal hose clamps. I assume there are correct for an 8. I did not see a picture of the heater and defogger hose clamps in either the shop manual or the parts book. What are the correct hose clamps and where would I find them.

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    My car is a long ways from ready to judge, and I sure don't need a heater this summer, but if I'm going to buy hose clamps I might as well buy the right ones. The SCD Judging policy states: "13. Aftermarket replacement hose clamps will receive a 2-point total authenticity deduction." From what I've read, the judges know exactly which hose clamps are correct. Where can I get guidance on the correct radiator, heater and defog hose clamps for a 55 V8?


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      I'm away from home for a couple of more days and don't have access to my manuals, but check your parts manual for a description of the hose clamps. My guess is that it will specify the spring wire type clamps. SI carries the correct ones for the 3/4" heater hoses, but only the one for the upper connection of the lower radiator hose. The other three radiator hose connections take a smaller clamp. Myers Studebaker (and probably others) carry the correct smaller radiator hose clamps.

      New spring wire clamps on new hoses work just fine. Used spring wire clamps and/or used hoses are possible trouble.

      Dick Steinkamp
      Bellingham, WA


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        I don't think spring clamps are correct on a 55.

        My 55 shop manual shows a flat clamp on the top radiator hoses on a 55 6 cyl. My 55 parts manual does not show picture of the clamp, but indicates that two each g111616, an 1 5/8 clamp is used on both a 16G and a 6H. SASCO has this clamp in their on line catalog and indicates that it is not the spring type clamp, but they did not have any in stock.

        The heater and defog take 10 each g111606 15/16 and 2 g111603 11/16 These are the ones I was inquiring about and I was wondering if these were flat clamps or would flat tower clamps have been used? Without getting the pricy prints from the museum, I would have to assume that these are the same style as the flat radiator clamps.

        Sorry if I seem to be a bit anal with nothing else to do.
        Thanks for your help.


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          Dennis at SASCO told me if you brought your Studebaker in for service with a hose leak, they were told by the factory to replace all the clamps with the flat steel or screw type.


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