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56' Power Hawk Engine Compartment

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  • Paint: 56' Power Hawk Engine Compartment

    Does anyone have one or more color pictures of the original painting on the engine and compartment for 1956 Powerhawk? I checked the musem and did not see any docs for sale that would give me an idea what is black, white, and teal.

    I am fineally getting the engine back from the machine shop this week ready for paint and reassemble.

    Thanks in advance,

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    Hi Clint,

    The Studebaker Engineering PAINTING INFORMATION sheets for the 1956 models are not actually in a bound book per se on a shelf for sale. Rather it's a "binder" filled with anywhere from say 60 to 80 original loose sheets listing paints & coatings for most every part & area on 1956 model Studebakers. Naturally, there is a cost per copied sheet, so if you don't want a copy of every sheet you’ll need to specify which sheets you want to order. I would suggest sheets 1 thru 18 and then those additional sheets that cover your specific paint/trim code.

    Good Luck!!!
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      Thanks for the info. Do I call the Museum to request the copies?


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        '56 Power Hawk Engine and Compartment Colors

        Clint, it really is not that difficult to get most all of the info you need. A search here for '56-'57 Stude. engine colors should turn up a really BIG list, some with photos, or try leaving the year off and then sorting the Engine Color posts for '56-'57 (all the same).

        The main thing to remember is that the factory would not take the time to paint individual pieces, they shot the whole power train, Engine, Bell housing Trans. pretty much complete without electrics, and with the Valve Covers masked with a cover, ALL Studebaker Turquoise Green.

        The Engine Compartment will be all the Major Body Color.
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          Originally posted by cbabcock View Post
          Thanks for the info. Do I call the Museum to request the copies?