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    ok i have a stock 53 commander that i am looking at putting radial tires on, stock tires were 7.10 x 15 should i go with a 205/75 or a 215/75? from what i have heard the 215 might be to wide/dangerous for stock rims??
    Kevin Phillips

    53 commander

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    I have Coker 195's which seem to be just fine.
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      I'm running 205s but 195s would have been better if they were in stock and available. Worth searching for.
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        I put 195-65/15 on my 48 Champion. I kind of wish I had put 205s on it. The speedometer reads 12 percent fast. Of course, the original tires were 550X15s. These tires are a bit undersize, but not that much. The PO had G78X15s on it when I bought it. I think I need to find a new speedometer drive gear.


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          P215/75R15 has the same outside diameter as a 7.10 x 15 bias ply tire. The wheels on the 51-55 Studebakers are 5 inches wide and 215's work fine on them. I have them on several of my cars and they work great. The later wheels, from 59 and newer are only 4 1/2" wide and so those wheels must have smaller tires.

          keeping the outer diameter the same as stock will make the speedometer and the final gearing happiest.
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            I put Diamond Back II 215/75R15 on my '53 Commander Starlight; closest radial profile to the original 7.10x15. I am very pleased and speedometer seems accurate.
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