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  • Brakes: Please help

    I need a mechanic in the Orange California area who has decent prices. Everywhere I have tried to go says they can TRY to fix my car. I need someone who knows what they are doing. Right now, I need my master cylinder rebuilt. But a ton more work needs to be done after that. So, I'd like someone I can return to. Bill Oliver doesn't seem to be an option right now, so if anyone knows anyone else at all, please share your knowledge! Thank you.

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    What exactly are the things you need doing? Did you find the other parts you were looking for?


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      Try either Bud on this forum, or Orange County Studebaker.

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        John Metzker is in Garden Grove. He could help with fixing or finding the best local mechanic.


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          I second John Metzker.
          We do work for each other (things he can't or doesn't want to, I can do and vise-versa).
          He lives near the Orange area...and as far as I'm concerned, I'd try him much before Oliver and many others.
          John's trustworthy, more than fair in his prices and is a wiz at transmission work also.

          His e-mail address is in turning wheels (question answer, under transmission work), or PM me and I'll get you in contact with him if you like.