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  • Brakes: Dumb Question (maybe?)

    I will basically be replacing my entire brake system in my Lark and want to remove the old system with minimum brake fluid mess. I thought I would open the bleed nipples one at a time to pump it out like bleeding the brakes to get it all out before removing everything. I know when you bleed brakes starting with the one farthest from the master cylinder. Would the same logic apply in this case, or would the opposite apply. I'm just having a tough time getting my head around this. Or is there a better way? Thanks,

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    Unless the brake lines are recently new, won't you be replacing them and the hoses too? If so, you can crimp the metal lines closed and then cut them in the middle of the crimp with a large pair of dykes. That way, you don't have to drain any brake fluid out.
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      Never tried pumping air into a brake system, using alcohol to force the brake fluid out, then alcohol is an easier clean-up. The suggestion for crimping the lines is great.


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        I thought about crimping the lines too. That is a good idea and I shouldn't get much to clean up.