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  • Interior: 63 Avanti Interior

    Page 172 of the 1963 Avanti parts catalog shows two different door panels, one has a pleated portion and the other is not pleated but has perforations. Presumably, the seats are patterned the same. I saw the performated type on one restored Avanti, but no other. What is the significance of the non-pleated style and how common is it? The car being restored now is the pleated type but consideration is being given to the peforated type. If the perforated style is correct, who might have that material. Also does the headliner always reflect the color of the interior? Ken, Deltaville, Va.

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    The perforated was the standard interior called Deluxe...the pleated was the Regal option (I may have the names reversed...CRS strikes again). Both are original but the pleated outsold the perforated by such a large margin the Deluxe was dropped and the pleated made standard.

    The headliner should be fawn in color regardless of the rest of the interior, as is the dash cover and upper portions of the door panels...unless your car is a late production Avanti.
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      To quote The Avanti website:

      "Pleated Regal vinyl upholstery (previously optional) replaced Perforated Delux vinyl upholstery in August of 1963."
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        If you need perforated material, look at Lincoln of a few years ago.(seventies)