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    At some point in my Lark's past they put in a starter with a built in solenoid. I believe the solenoid is going bad. While infrequent so far, occasionally turning the key results in a faint click and nothing else. Wait a few and try again and it usually works, though today I had to jump the solenoid leads with a screwdriver to get anything to happen.

    Battery appears good though the amp light always stays lit. (Battery is charged, alt looks new and seems good [will run with battery disconnected].)

    The original solenoid is still bolted in place but I don't know it's condition. Does anyone know of problems in bypassing the built in solenoid and returning to it's original configuration? If I can't get the built in solenoid fixed I'd rather bypass it than have to replace the entire starter.

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    I don't know what starter that you have in there now, but typically the ones w/ built in solenoid use the solenoid to not only make the electrical connection but also to throw the pinion into the flywheel. So bypassing it likely will not work. My recommendation would be to try to find a V-8 Delco starter from a 56-61 Stude and use that with the original solenoid. (it is identical in fit to the correct '62 Autolite starter, but is higher torque.) Make sure you get one that matches your transmission; the "snout" is a different length depending on application.

    more info here

    (my website is down and probably will be for a while, but that's where the interchange is currently sitting.)

    Edit: does your car still have the original flywheel, or do you have any way of knowing? If it has a non-stock flywheel you may be stuck having the starter that's in there repaired. Also if you have an alternator, there's been even more modifications to your electrical system because a '62 should have an Autolite generator (and of course, it's a one year only part...)

    good luck

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      Should I possibly think about just adding a remote starter?