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    I am in the process of installing new door window rollers and springs in my '53 studebaker. I ordered the parts from Studebaker but no installation instructions were included. The current springs are partially rusted away so I am not sure exactly how these new parts need to be put in, especially the springs. The springs that came with the kit seem to be longer than I need. Anyone have any experience or instructions for installing these parts?

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    My 1951 Convertible uses the same parts according to SI so I'm attaching a picture of a partial disassembly of the roller mechanism from my car. I hope this can help. My 51 Body Parts Manual is definitely no help.

    The picture shows the spring configuration on the bottom. The upper side would be similar. Basically the springs on the outside need to push the roller with the slotted opening towards the outside. The 'C' shaped steel holder holds one end of the spring and the other end is pushing against the frame.
    The middle roller going sideways, uses the two screws as the fixed endpoints.

    In the picture, I pivoted the 'C' shaped steel holder out of the way, but left it in the place where it was holding the spring.
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      Thanks that was what I was looking for.