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Mechanical Fuel pump - am I missing something?

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  • Fuel System: Mechanical Fuel pump - am I missing something?

    On my '48 Land Cruiser, I noticed fuel leaking around the fuel pump one day while driving. I purchased a gasket/rebuild kit, took it apart carefully, replacing all worn parts (inner diaphragm was eaten away). Mounted it back on the block....and it wouldn't start. Primed the carb bowl and fuel line into/out of the fuel pump...and it runs until the bowl goes empty. Tried the 'wrap a rag around a air gun and pump air into the gas tank while cranking the engine' to see if that helped...nothing. Placed a gauge on the inlet side of the fuel pump and it registered 0. Dis-mounted it and pumped it manually - gas spurts out the inlet port...will dribble out the 'out' side.

    I'm at a loss why this isn't working....any thoughts?

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    Sounds like the pump valves are switched between the input to the output.
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      Could you have re-assembled the pump with the valve chamber half a round? did the "foot valves" get put in upside down? It can be done! Luck, Doofus