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  • Body / Glass: 53 hood

    I have a 53 starliner commander k body. The restoration company says I need to find another hood for it. To me the hood doesn't appear bent or otherwise damaged greatly but the front lip of the hood sits about two inches back from the edge of the front when closed. Is it possible that this is partially caused by body panel alignment? So far, the only source for a hood I have found is fiberglass. The restoration company says they don't recommend that. Any ideas would be very helpful. Thanks.

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    Was the hood ever on the car? It sounds like it could be a sedan hood.
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      My thoughts also, Chip.

      If that's the case, good metal hoods usually show up at most of the major Stude Swap Meets so, they are out there.
      Let your needs be known here and possibly a free want ad in Turning Wheels if you are an SDC member.
      Also network with local SDC Chapter members. They may know someone who knows someone or, be able to assist transport when one is available. Next major Swap is Reedsville, Pa in November. Usually see several good C/K hoods there.
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        I'll bet you're right. It was attached but it looked like a donor hood (blue on a yellow body and not fitting well). Thanks for your help.