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parking and turn signal light socket

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  • Electrical: parking and turn signal light socket

    Just pulled the turn signal/parking light socket out of the 63 Avanti. Rusted badly, does anyone know of new replacements or atlest who might have the springs inside the socket, have a possible lead of some used , and sent an email to Nostalgic as they have alot of NOS but have not heard back. Ken

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    I bought an identical replacement, with the mounting flange, from my friendly NAPA auto parts store about a year ago. They may have had to order it in...I don't recall. However, I remember that it was in their "general replacement" line of electrical parts, and NOT something the counter guy had to look up by car application. I believe we matched my original to a picture in the appropriate NAPA counter catalog. The part shouldn't cost you more than $3.00-$4.00 dollars. I'm sure CarQuest auto parts stores can also help you. Just look at the one of the "full line" auto parts stores that cater to the mechanic and dealer trade.....not necessarily the AutoZones of the world. John


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      My wife picks about me never throwing anything away...but this time around that trait has its benefits. I found the box for the replacement Avanti flanged parking light/turn signal socket I bought last year! It is "Standard" brand, with a part # of S46N. Our local Bumper-To-Bumper store sells "Standard", as does CarQuest. Hope this helps. John in Wisconsin