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    Well guys I am still very interested in studebakers. In fact you may remember that I have a 4dr 57 Champion that was given to me. I did get it running and it will move on its own power and have put new brakes all the way around including lines & wheel cylinders. I was looking at all the metal work and interior that needs done and got discouraged.

    That being said I ran across a 56 2dr Champion on Craigslist and bought it.

    I had it delivered to where I work just to make it easier on me and the transport company. It arrived here last friday and sat all weekend. The car seemed to do really well here at work so I decided on Tuesday that I would drive it to my house 18 miles away.

    Not knowing if the car had been on the road at all in the last few years I did not want to push it too hard. I waited till later at night after drive time. The car did fairly well but now I have some questions.

    First. It seems like the car needs another gear. Enginge sounded worked @ 45 MPH in 3rd gear.
    When i would ease off gas I could hear a rattling noise, sounded like from transmission area. I do not know how to use or activate the O/D, or if it even works.

    Second the fuel gage showed green almost all the way to full. As I drove it got closer to full. Ran out of gas in front of my neighbors house. Lucky for me. Put gallon of gas in and satred back up. Is there a way that the gauge is wired backwards? If so how and where do I fix this.

    Third the temp on the car was reading 210. Is that too high?

    I do plan on dropping the coolant , oil, and trans fluid and put in new.

    One other thing clutch releases almost all the way at the top of travel.

    I really like this car and I got a lot of looks driving it home. I really hope to be able to correct these issues quickly and economically.

    Thanks in advance for your assistance in these matters.

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    Transmission, if it has overdrive, the handle under the dash to the left of the steering column marked OD should be pushed in, all the way. To utilize OD, run the car up to 35 or so and let off the gas as you did. There should be almost immediately a 'clunk' as it shifts gears, then the engine will be running 30% slower. If the clunk doesn't occur, you've got problems ranging from minor to major.

    No thoughts on errant gas gauges.

    I'd change all fluids, who knows how long they've been in there.

    Good luck, Studebakers are fun, even though we have to keep working on them.


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      O/D was all the way in. Can it be moved out and back in while driving?


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        You can move the OD control when driving in direct only. Say you are climbing a hill in the mountains, and know that you will have to use engine braking on the downslope on the other side. You could then pull the knob out while on the upgrade in third direct, so as to not go into overdrive when you crest the hill.

        The rattle you hear could be a faulty overdrive, or the control cable could simply be misadjusted. The lever on the the side of the OD case must be back all the way against the stop when the cable knob is pushed in.

        Studebaker gas gauges are famous for showing fuel left when the tank goes empty. Hooking it up in reverse is not the problem; worn sending unit most likely.

        Sounds like your clutch needs adjustment.
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          Thanks for the imput. I knew someone would be able to assist. I will get under car this weekend and check the cable. Where is the sending unit for the fuel gauge?


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            Originally posted by 57studechampion View Post
            Thanks for the imput. I knew someone would be able to assist. I will get under car this weekend and check the cable. Where is the sending unit for the fuel gauge?
            You access the sender through the knockout round cover in the left front floor of the trunk.

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              And don't forget to disconnect the battery bto prevent sparking while working on tank sending unit.


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                The sending unit for the gas guage works by going thru the ground of the car. The float sends a ground signal to the guage that varies with the level of the fuel in the tank. The other side of the guage gets positive voltage from the ignition circuit enabling the guage to function. I test the guage by going thru the knockout panel that Rich described, first disconnect the wire to the sending unit & watch the guage. Then connect the wire from the sending unit to a good ground. If the guage is operating properly you should see it go from one extreme to another by these 2 tests.

                Here is the wiring diagram from Chuck Collins website:

                Remember also that Studebaker gas guages generally take their sweet ole time to fully register, so give it a minute or two for each test.
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                  I suggest you invest in a '56 shop manual and owner's manual. The body and chassis parts catalogs, too, since they give all the parts numbers. I believe all of these books have been reproduced and are readily available for purchase from various Studebaker parts vendors. Studebakers were "different by design," so having those books in hand are a tremendous help while you're working on it.

                  Is your '56 the one that was in the Tampa, FL area, blue in color? It looked like a nice car. The seller also had a green '52 hardtop (champion, I think) which sold rather quickly.

                  Good luck with your cars and enjoy!


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                    Yes it is. As usual looks nicer in picture but still a NICE car. I have already adjusted clutch repaired non operateing parking brake and spedometer. Still no luck with the O/D. All the way in the mechenism rest on the stop. after I get a plate on it this week I can drive and test it out more.


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                      Here is the manual for the overdrive. In the back, you will find a troubleshooting section that should help you to find your problem.


                      You might also find Ray Ficthorn's site helpful. If you click on technical pages you can find a troubleshooting flowchart.

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